Why Start a Podcast?


In 2018, both Seth Godin and Pat Flynn stated they believe podcasting is the new blogging. It feels a lot like that too – back around 2004, when blogging really exploded, we saw a number of tools come out to make publishing easier for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress, and Moveable Type all set out to do something that hadn’t been done before: allow people who know nothing about website development to set up their own websites. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and RSS Readers made it easier for readers to consume multiple blogs at one time without having to visit individual websites. Now, we’re seeing the same thing with podcasting.

Your Action Item

Your action item for this lesson is to download the workbook in the course materials section – make sure to fill it out as you go through the course! It will be helpful as you setup your show.