How to Prevent Plosives without a Pop Filter

How to Prevent Plosives without a Pop Filter

Find yourself in a position where you have your mic, but don’t have a pop filter? Those hard “P” sounds (called plosives) can be really grating for listeners, and take away from the quality of your video or podcast. Here’s a quick tip to prevent hard P and B sounds without one!

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Prevent Plosives with 2 Methods

If you’re in a pinch and need to record but don’t have a pop filter or wind screen, there are 2 ways you can do it.

Place the mic on the side of your mouth

The first is to simple talk with the mic slightly to the side of your mouth (like I do in the video). You want it close enough to the side that there’s no reduction in volume, but off enough to the side that when you make those hard P, B, or even S sounds, the air doesn’t get directly blown into the mic.

Use your finger, or a pencil

If you have a very aggressive front-address mic, another thing you can do is place your finger or a pencil halfway between your mouth and the mic (that should be about 2 fingers width, since a good distance is 4 fingers).

This will sufficiently divert the air and reduce the plosives well enough. However, this is less than optimal if you’re recording a video, as you can see above.

Good Pop Filters

That said, I would strongly recommend a pop filter. Here are a few that I think work for most people:

There are a range of sizes and shapes here that should work with whatever mic you have, but there’s also likely one made specifically for your size of mic. Or even better, your mic might even come with one, like mine did!

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