Podcast Mic Shootout: Rode Podmic, Shure SM7B, and ATR2100

Podcast Mic Shootout: Rode Podmic, Shure SM7B, and ATR2100

Choosing the right mic for your podcast or videos can be tough! With the addition of the Rode Podmic to a lineup of sub-$100 podcast mics, which one do you choose?

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The Podcast Mics

We’re going to compare 3 different mics:

  • The ATR2100, which is an often recommended starter mic. You can get this for around $65, and it supports USB and XLR. You can start simple and then level up without getting a new mic!
  • The professional Shure SM7B, which is used by podcasters and musicians alike. This is an incredibly popular mic because it’s clean, suited for lots of different environments, and sounds amazing.
  • The new Rode Podmic. Rode has been leaning heavily into podcasting a lot in the last couple of years, and this XLR mic is supposed to be their answer to the best, affordable mic for podcasters. Let’s see how it measures up.

The Test

This is a fairly informal test using my own equipment. I do have some hardware processing on the Shure SM7B using my interface, so I added the same settings to the other 2 mics.

The only difference between the Shure, and the ATR2100 and Podmic are that the Shure has a Cloudlifter on it for a little extra power boost.

The Results: Which Podcast Mic is Best?

Check the video above for deeper insight, but in general, here are my findings:

  1. The Shure SM7B is the best sounding. No surprises there.
  2. The Podmic requires more gain / power than I expected. As a result, you’ll notice it’s a little lower, volume-wise, than the ATR2100. This isn’t bad, just unexpected.
  3. The Podmic (in my opinion) does sound better than the ATR2100, especially with hard B sounds, plosives (hard P sounds), and sibilance (heavy S sounds). I also think it’s probably worth the upgrade money-wise. However, you’ll also need to get an interface to use the Podmic because it’s XLR only. If you’re not ready for that, the ATR2100 is still your best bet.

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